Automation variables allow you to insert dynamic data into automation actions. Variables are special pieces of text enclosed in curly brackets that are replaced by values when an automation is executed.

Variables can be used in the following automation actions:

  • Create task (task title, description, comments, text custom field)
  • Create sub task (task title, description, comments, text custom field)
  • Set custom field value
  • Create board (board title, board group)

For example, if you have a task to write a blog post titled "How to sell widgets" and you wanted to include the parent task name when sub tasks are added to the task, your title fields in the Create Sub Task action would look something like this:

{triggered.task.title}: Research
{triggered.task.title}: Outline
{triggered.task.title}: Draft
{triggered.task.title}: Final

When the sub tasks are created they will look like this:

How to sell widgets: Research
How to sell widgets: Outline
How to sell widgets: Draft
How to sell widgets: Final

Available Variables

From the user that triggered the automation


From the Board of the automation 


From the task that triggered the automation

{triggered.task.custom_field.ID} - Replace with Custom field ID (see below)

From the parent task, list, or board that triggered the automation

{triggered.parent.task.custom_field.ID} - Replace with Custom field ID (see below)




Time based variables

{date} e.g. October 3, 2016
{datenumber} e.g. 10/3/2016
{monthdaynumber} e.g. 3
{weekdayname} e.g. Monday
{monthname} e.g. September
{quarternumber} e.g. 4
{week} e.g. Week #1
{year} e.g. 2016
{time} e.g. 9:59pm
{time24} e.g. 21:59
{timelong} e.g. 21:59:59 EDT

Custom Field Variables

The custom field variables do require the ID of the specific custom field you want use. You will need to replace ID with the ID number of the customer field. If the ID of the custom field you want to use was 31, your custom field variable would look like this:

{triggered.task.custom_field.31} or {triggered.parent.task.custom_field.31}

You can locate the custom field ID in the custom fields admin area under Account > Custom Fields.

Note: You must be a Custom Field Manager to access this area.

Using Variables in Board Templates

Automation variables can be used in a Board Template, via automations, just as they are used on boards. However, in addition to that, we also allow you to enter variables in various fields inside your board template. 

This means that you can add variables into the following types of board template fields:

  • Task and sub task names
  • Task and sub task descriptions
  • Task and sub task comments
  • Custom fields

Variables that you use in the content of the board template will be converted to text when you create a board from the template.

Note: The only variable types that can be applied in Board templates are "From the Board of the automation" and "Time based variables". See "Available Variables" above.

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