Use Discussions to have board-level conversations, brainstorm ideas, research, or for any other topic that goes beyond a single task.

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Posting in Discussions of a board is ideal for making announcements, pitching ideas, asking questions to everyone on the board, and more. 

When you want to post an idea that doesn't necessarily belong in a task or document but you do want to share it and give it a more permanent place to live—Discussions! It's the perfect place for those in-between conversations.

Create a Discussion

Access Discussions in the top board navigation.

Click Create Discussion.

Enter a topic for your Discussion.

Provide additional context in the body of the Discussion.

Upload any relevant files to your Discussion via your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

@mention other people to notify them of your Discussion.

By default, @board is selected for Watchers. This is show by the @ icon and green indicator. This means that all members of the board, and any future members, will be notified of new comments. You can manually select watchers as well.

When you are finished, click Publish.

Note: New Discussions will be drafts until they are published. Drafts will display on the very top of the Discussions list and you can edit and publish them at any time. Drafts can only be seen by you until they are published.

The topic and body of your Discussion are required, but file attachments, @mentions, and watchers are optional.

Discussions will display the most recently updated on top. Every member of the board can see all published Discussions.

Pro Tip: Discussions support rich text and emojis.

Reply to a Discussion

You can comment on Discussions to show your acknowledgement or support.

Open a published Discussion and add a comment to respond to the post.

You can also @mention someone and upload an attachment.

You can edit your own Discussion comments by clicking Edit on the comment.

Pro Tip: You can reply to an email notification regarding any Discussion to post a comment. Comments also support rich text and emojis.

Pin a Discussion

Hover over the Discussion, click the menu on the right, and select Pin.

Pinned Discussions will show on the top of the Discussions list.

To remove a pinned Discussion, hover over the Discussion and click the menu on the right. Select Unpin.

Pro Tip: Anyone can pin and unpin a Discussion.

Archive or Trash a Discussion

Hover over the Discussion, click the menu on the right, and select Archive or Move to Trash respectively from the menu options.

For more information on trashing discussion, go to Move to Trash

You can only delete the Discussions that you’ve posted. Administrators and Board Owners can delete any Discussion. Deleting a Discussion will permanently delete the Discussion and its subsequent comments.

Pro-Tip: Archived Discussions will show in the board's archives.

Discussion Permissions

Board Administrators and Owners

Board Administrators and Owners can delete any Discussion, regardless of who created it.

Board Members, Board Administrators & Board Owners

Board Members, Board Administrators, and Board Owners can create new Discussions.

Discussion Creator

Only the creator of the Discussion can edit it. The creator of the Discussion can also delete their own Discussion.

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