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Automation Naming Conventions
Automation Naming Conventions

Keep your automations organized

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Naming automations is a completely free form, allowing you to name them in a way that works best for you. If you’re looking for some ideas or direction, below is a naming convention you can follow.

Numbering automations, like the above example, should be done sequentially, matching the sequence of steps in the process. This will keep the process organized and make it much easier to find specific steps when making changes.

When you have rules that relate to each other, you can use a, b, c etc. As an example, if you’re passing tasks from one Rule to another, you may want to number them 01 and 01a.

This method can also be used if you need to insert new automations between two existing automations. If you find this a common occurrence, you can try the following numbering convention, leaving plenty of room between automations in the numbering sequence:

05, 10, 15, etc.

Grouping automations by the process, or board, makes a lot of sense. This way you can easily filter out specific groups of automations easily. It’s a good idea to start the numbering convention from the beginning with each new group or process that you create.

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