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Tasks can move through many different lists on a board as well as between more than one board. Journey tabs provide insight into where the task started and its journey through lists and boards.

To view a task's journey, open the task and click on the Journey tab:

The journey tab provides insight into:

Total Time = Total time the task has been active

Time to Complete = Amount of time it took to complete the task

Time to Archive = Amount of time it took to archive the task

Time in List = Amount of time the task has been in each list

Time on Board = Amount of time the task has been on each board

Time in List & Time in Board Charts

The chart plots the task's time in a list by:

X-Axis = Elapsed time

Y-Axis = List or Board respectively

You can hove over the bars to see the specific elapsed time.

Exporting Charts

The Average Time in List chart can be downloaded as an SVG, PNG, or CSV file.

Click the menu and select your preferred file type:

Combine Lists

Each time a task is in a list, it is tracked as a bar in the chart. So if a task gets moved into the Todo list three consecutive times, there will be three individual time entries for that list on the chart.

Combine Lists will combine multiple entries for the same list and give you the total time in that list.

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