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Set focus to tasks and custom fields in steps of a process.

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The Focus Tab is a special tab within a task that allows you to specify specific tasks and custom fields that the team should focus on at different steps of the process. It also allows you to set instructions or operating procedures for the step and set a specific tab name.

Managing the Focus Tab

The Focus Tab is managed from the List level. Therefore all parameters will apply to every task in the list.

To manage the Focus Tab, go to any list's menu and select Manage Focus Tab.

Set the tab name and description. The description field is a rich text area allowing the addition of instructions or standard operating procedures.

Add Tasks

The task feature pulls from Task Templates used in automations. There must be an automation set up to add the sub-task to the tasks. By adding the sub-task to the focus tab, it will display in the focus tab when the sub-task is added to the task by the automation.

Type the sub task name and select it from the list.

Add Custom Fields

The Custom Fields feature pulls from custom fields added to the task, either manually or via an automation. By adding the custom fields to the focus tab, it will display in the focus tab when the custom field is added to the task.

Type the custom field name and select it from the list.

Ordering Tasks & Custom Fields

Tasks and custom fields that have been added to the focus tab can be ordered with drag and drop.

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