Adding Tags to Tasks

Add, edit, and remove tags on a task.

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A tag is a way of categorizing a Rindle task by type, represented by a color and a term. 

There are 8 default tag colors to choose from in Rindle or you can use the color picker to select virtually any color you want, or use a hex color. A single task can have many tags. 

Colored tags will display on the task face and inside the task. White tags, or #FFFFFF, will only show inside the task. Tag names will only show on the inside of the task and when you hover over one (tool tip) or click on one on the task face.

Adding and Removing Tags

Add tags to a task using the "+" button at the top of an open task.

You can also remove a tag inline when you hover on a tag.

From the menu, click on the tag that you would like to apply to the task. A check mark will show up to the right of the tag when applied. Click on the tag again to remove the tag from the task.  Add a new tag by typing out the name of your new tag. 

Viewing tags

By default, only the color of the tag will show when viewing the task from the board view, not the names of the tags. If you'd like to see the names of the tags, you can click on the tag to display its name. Clicking on the tag again will hide the name again.

This state is applied globally to your Rindle account on a per device basis. So if you click to show the tag name, they will show on all tasks everywhere in Rindle until you click again to hide them.

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