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iCalendar Integration
iCalendar Integration

Keep all your events in one place with our iCal integration.

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Conveniently keep all your events in one place. Sync your Rindle tasks to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any calendar that accepts an iCalendar URL.

Keep on top of all of your due dates with our iCalendar integration. Never miss a deadline again.

If you don’t have Gmail and can’t use Rindle’s Google integration, don’t worry — you can subscribe to your iCal feed to easily sync your tasks.

You can always find your iCalendar link in your board settings.

Rindle + iCal + Outlook example

Here’s an example of how to connect iCal with Outlook Calendar to see your Rindle tasks:

1. First, click the gear icon next to your board name.

2. Next, find your unique iCal feed link at the bottom of the screen and copy the link.

3. Open up Outlook and click the calendar icon.

4. Select Add Calendar → From Internet.

5. Paste your iCal feed link in the first line, then type in a name for the calendar (your calendar name can be anything you want, but it’s best to keep it specific).

6. After that, your Rindle tasks will sync to Outlook Calendar so you never miss a thing.

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