iPhone (iOS)

Download our Rindle app from the App Store


Download our Rindle app from the Google Play Store


You can install Rindle with the Chrome browser desktop app on your supported PC, Mac, and Chromebook computers :

  1. Log in to your Rindle account from the latest version of the Chrome browser

  2. Click the install (+) icon on the right side of the address bar 

  3. Confirm the installation prompt from the Chrome dialog

  4. Launch the app and add it to your dock or taskbar

You can also install it in the More Setting menu in the top right corner of Chrome (the vertical ellipsis icon)

Having Trouble?

If you’re running into issues with the Chrome web app on your devices, visit the Chrome Progressive Web App (PWA) Help site for additional details and support.

Web Browsers

Rindle supports the latest stable release of these modern browsers on desktop and mobile:

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