No one likes double data entry. It takes countless clicks at time and is a major time waster. Board email addresses allow you to forward, or send new emails directly into Rindle.

Accessing the Board Email Address

To access your custom board email address, go to board settings and select Details.

You can copy the email address and use it to forward or send emails into Rindle.

Using the Board Email Address

When you send or forward an email to the board email address, Rindle automatically parses out the information in the email:

  • Subject = Task name
  • Body = Description
  • Attachments = File attachments in comments

*Note: When the email arrives in Rindle, a new task is created at the top of the first list of that board.


Here are a few ways you can leverage board email addresses:

  • Add it to contacts in your email client for easy sending and forwarding. I use the board name with (Rindle) as the contact name. Like this - Roadmap (Rindle). This way I can lookup the contact by board name or pull up all of them by using "Rindle".
  • Use it as a notification address - You can use the board address as a notification email in other apps or even use it with Zapier.
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