A tag is a way of categorizing a Rindle task by type, represented by a color and term, color only, or term only. 

There are 8 tag colors to choose from in Rindle. A single task can have many labels. Colored labels will display on the task face and inside the task. Tag names will only show on the inside of the task and when you hover over one on the task face (tool tip).

Creating Tags

You can create a new tag by clicking on the "Tags" icon, or from within any task.  

  • Click on the "Tags" icon in the upper right.
  •  "Add Tags" then click "Create new tag" at the bottom of the tags menu.

Type in the tag name and/or select the tag color. You can have tags that are just colors, tags that are just text, or tags with text and color. Click "Create".

  • Create tags from within a task by clicking the "+" in an open task, and typing in a new tag.  You can assign a color at this time to stay hyper-organized. ;-) 

Adding and Removing Tags

Add tags to a task using the "+" button at the top of an open task.

You can also remove a tag inline when you hover on a tag.

From the menu, click on the tag that you would like to apply to the task. A check mark will show up to the right of the tag when applied. Click on the tag again to remove the tag from the task.  Add a new tag by typing out the name of your new tag. 

Editing a Tag

You can edit a tag in the universal tag manager.

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