Mentions are a simple, efficient way to ask your co-workers for feedback or to involve them in discussions within a task, comment, description, or the task name. Rather than calling a meeting or having to sort through emails chains of feedback, mentions in Rindle give you a way to involve your team in the discussion.

How to @mention a teammate

You can mention team members by typing @username anytime in a comment, description, or task name. A mention email will be sent to them with a link back to the task.

Keep in mind that all mentions must begin with an @ symbol. If you start typing a user's name, suggestions will automatically populate making it quicker to find. 

You can mention anyone who is a member of the board. If they have not yet activated their account (Not Invited or Invited status), the user will not receive a notification of the mention.

Note: If you’d like to change your username, head on over to "Account" and under the “Profile” section, you will find the username field.

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